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The term Alriggian language refers to the language that has evolved in Cibolan Alrig after the year 1684. It evolved out of mainly South Batavian with many influences from South-Cibolan Saxon and the Common Tongue. The nation's name Alrig is an example of this. The original name for the nation was "The Old Oil Rig". The new morpheme 'al' is a mix of the South-Cibolan Saxon word "alt", meaning "old", and the Common Tongue word "oil" (from oil rig). It is not derived from the South-Cibolan Saxon word "Öl", as the South-Cibolan Saxons called the nation "Die alte Bohrinsel", not "Die Alte Ölbohrinsel". The language has no diacritics at all and even the use of diacritics in loanwords is considered pompous. Alriggians have a tendency to simplify words when they write them, for example the Common Tongue word "truck" is shortened to "truk". Alriggian grammar closely resembles South Batavian grammar, but has no genders and no inflections. Swearing, cursing and name-calling are acceptable even in formal speech. No formal system of spelling exists and it is not uncommon for Alriggians to be unable to understand a document compiled by a compatriot with a different accent, this usually leads to more swearing, cursing and name-calling.

Alriggian Istvanistani Etymolgoy
Al Old From the South-Cibolan-Saxon "alt"
Onzener Bundle of 10 1,000ø coins On is derived from the Istvanistani word "one", "zener" is derived from "zehner", meaning "of ten" in South-Cibolan-Saxon
Truk Truck Shortened compared to the Istvanistani
Zwo Two Combination of Istvanistani "two" and South-Cibolan-Saxon "zwei".
Zwozener Bundle of 20 1,000ø coins See zwo and onzener .