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All Hail Apollonia!

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All Hail Apollonia!

National anthem of Great Apollonian Empire Great Apollonian Empire
Lyrics Damian Broomhead original, Trajan Myksos Apollonian lyrics
Music Nakagawa Koutarou
Adopted 1619 AN, 1698 AN reintroduced

The All Hail Apollonia! is the national flag anthem of the Great Apollonian Empire. The song was already in use during the Apollonian Republic. It was reintroduced at the founding of the Great Apollonian Empire.


Truth and hope in our Fatherland!
And death to every foe!
Our soldiers shall not pause to rest
We vow our loyalty!

Old traditions they will abide
Arise young heroes!
Our past inspires noble deeds
All Hail Apollonia!

Immortal beacon shows the way
Step forth, seek glory!
Hoist your swords high into the clouds
Hail Apollonia!

Our Caudillo stands astride this world
He'll vanquish every foe!
His truth and justice shine so bright
All hail his brilliant light!

Never will he be overthrown
Like mountains and sea
His reign immortal and pure
All Hail Apollonia!

So let his wisdom guide our way
Go forth and seek glory
Hoist your swords high into the clouds
Hail Apollonia!

Imperial Anthem

The Emperor is usually announced to the accompaniment of the Imperial Anthem: Grand Çakari March.

Other anthems

There are also regional and historical anthems: