Alexandrium Wars

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Alexandrium Wars
Part of the Wars of the Dispossessed
(Top to bottom, left to right) (1) Oportian troops enter Bandar Bharu in 1729 AN after intense urban fighting.; (2) Surenid forces conduct a nighttime reconnaissance mission near their border with the Euran Green.; (3) Constancian forces conduct a raid on a Dispossessed Alexandrium mining site; (4) Scenes from the Battle of Al-Zuhur in Operation Verdant Reach, 1730 AN.
Date 1729 AN
Location Eura
Status Ongoing
Raspur Pact Raspur Pact:
Confederacy of the Dispossessed Confederacy of the Dispossessed Azad Eura Azad Eura

The Alexandrium Wars refer to a series of ongoing conflicts that began in 1729 AN on the continent of Eura, primarily fueled by the discovery of a valuable and scarce mineral known as Alexandrium. The wars have involved various nations and factions, each seeking to control the Alexandrium deposits for their economic and strategic value.

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