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Date Tweeter-international
2022-05-20 Faisal Van Looveren announces that he will no longer run for the office of Grand Vizier. Kawthar Saleh was appointed as new party leader of the IPP.
2021-12-23 The Supreme Court ruled that the Convention on the Establishment of a Commonwealth Court is not contrary to the consitution, hence the President must sign it into law.
2021-12-22 President Mehmet Arslan refuses to sign the Convention on the Establishment of a Commonwealth Court into law and refers it to the Supreme Court.
2021-11-26 Kurum Ash-Sharqia will not participate in Expo 1703. Al-Majlis Al-Watani refused the necessary funds to the government, as a consequence private investors also withdrew their investments.
2021-11-20 Businessman Kamal Blankvelder established the Football Association of Kurum Ash-Sharqia.
2021-11-09 A child is born to Salah Ad-Din and Elisabeth Asara: prince Saif Ad-Din.
2021-11-07 Al-Jumhuriya wil now also be active on tweeter-international with short news flashes from New Batavia and Kurum Ash-Sharqia.