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Affair at Arâk

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Affair at Arâk
Date 12.IX.167008.X.1670
Location Arâk
  • Occupation of Arâk
  • Installation of the Guild of Courtesans as controlling faction on city's ruling Durbar.
Constancia Constancia Gozar Dynasty Guild of Courtesans
Units involved
Constancia 1st Army
  • Gold Banner Western Fleet
    • Combined Arms Corps "Gamma"
      • Vanguard Battlegroup
Local militia
(established strength)
  • 14,400+ personnel
  • 5 corvettes
  • 25 patrol boats
  • various auxiliary vessels
  • 40+ helicopters
estimated 11,072 combatants
  • 2,672 Razjanian garrison
  • 8,400 Militia
  • numerous miscellaneous small craft and vehicles
Casualties and losses
32 fatalities, 263 wounded 2,708 fatalities
  • 2,431 Razjanians
  • 147 militiamen
  • 130 civilians

The Affair at Arâk was an incident between the Imperial State of Constancia and the Gozar Dynasty of Razjania which saw the city state of Arâk pass from being a tributary of Razjania to become a subject of the crown.


During the 1660s, Arak, following the lead of the Gozar Dynasty, had fostered cordial albeit informal relations with Constancia, having remained neutral during the Iteran crisis and refraining from joining Azad Eura. Relations began to deteriorate after 1669 as concerns grew in Astérapolis that the ruling council of Arak – the Durbar – was silently permitting representatives of the Greater Eurani Trade Association to access the Gulf of Aqaba via its port.

These doubts served to form in the minds of the esteemed delegates to the Permanent Standing Committee, by this stage the de facto Constancian Junta in light of the Autokrator's increasing fixation upon matters pertaining to the bridal chamber of his intended, the kernel of grit around which the new pearl of an idea was to form.

An assignation between Rostam Abadi, of the ESB Euran Directorate, and Humayra Hashemi, a courtesan with links to the factions controlling the Durbar, was arranged to take place in the port's caravanserai, situated upon a promontory overlooking Ajam Bay. The meeting, intended to gain the ESB representative admittance into the city was a fiasco.