2013 Rugby League World Cup qualification

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The 2013 Rugby League World Cup qualification rounds make up the qualifying competition for the 2013 Rugby League World Cup, the second tournament of its kind. Four nations were given automatic berths in the competition, Craitland, Mercury and Hamland qualified by virtue of their finishing positions in the previous tournament, and a fourth place is reserved for hosts Safiria.


In Round One, the twelve teams are split into three groups of four. A team must win two matches to remain in contention. Tied games go to golden point. A team that wins both of their first two matches qualifies directly to the World Cup, while a team losing both of their first two matches is eliminated, taking no further part in the competition. The winner of Match 5 from each group advances to Round Two, which is a three-team round-robin group, from which only one team qualifies.

Round One

Group A

Team 1  Score  Team 2
Taeland Taeland 44–8 Fort Kolgrad Fort Kolgrad
Gerenia Gerenia 16–22 Lucerne Lucerne
Taeland Taeland 22–16 Lucerne Lucerne
Fort Kolgrad Fort Kolgrad 12–28 Gerenia Gerenia
Gerenia Gerenia 12–14
Lucerne Lucerne

Group B

Team 1  Score  Team 2
Zandarijn Zandarijn 31–18 Birgeshir Birgeshir
River Warriors River Warriors 12–30 Passas Passas
Zandarijn Zandarijn 20–18 Passas Passas
Birgeshir Birgeshir 36–26 River Warriors River Warriors
Birgeshir Birgeshir 20–12 Passas Passas

Group C

Team 1  Score  Team 2
Senya Senya 14–6 Nova England Nova England
Nova English Korea Nova English Korea 18–36 North Antarctica North Antarctica
Senya Senya 10–30 North Antarctica North Antarctica
Nova England Nova England 4–10 Nova English Korea Nova English Korea
Nova English Korea Nova English Korea 6–10 Senya Senya

Round Two

The three teams that won their respective Match 3 qualified for the World Cup directly. The Match 5 winners are split into a group of 3. Each team plays each other team in their group twice, once at home and once away. The group winner qualifies for the World Cup.

Team Pld W D L PF PA PD Pts Qualification
Birgeshir Birgeshir 4 3 0 1 106 79 +27 6 Advances to World Cup
Lucerne Lucerne 4 3 0 1 102 76 +26 6
Senya Senya 4 0 0 4 65 118 −53 0

  Birgeshir Lucerne Senya
Birgeshir 22–18 42–12
Lucerne 30–20 32–18
Senya 19–22 16–22