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Craitland national rugby league team

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Craitland Craitland
Home stadium The Hornets' Nest
FMRL ranking 5
Highest FMRL ranking 1 (Feb – Apr 2013)
Lowest FMRL ranking 5 (October 2018)
First international
Craitland Craitland 24–12 North Antarctica North Antarctica
Biggest win
Safiria Safiria 6–80 Craitland Craitland
Biggest defeat
Craitland Craitland 12–18 Hamland Hamland
Rugby League World Cup
Appearances 2 (first in 2012)
Best result Winners (2012)

The Craitland national rugby league team is the national rugby league team of Craitland. Craitland first participated in the 2012 Rugby League World Cup, defeating Mercury in the final by a score of 29–28.

Chronological competitive participation

FMRL World Cup record

Year Round Opponents Score
2012 Group stage
(Group B)
North Antarctica North Antarctica 24 – 12
Hamland Hamland 19 – 12
Safiria Safiria 80 – 6
Semi-final Novatainia Novatainia 70 – 6
Final Mercury Mercury 29 – 28
2013 Group stage
(Group B)
North Antarctica North Antarctica 10 – 10
Safiria Safiria 30 – 14
Birgeshir Birgeshir 50 – 0
Semi-final Hamland Hamland 12 – 18
Third-place play-off North Antarctica North Antarctica 20 – 14


Current squad

Player Age Club Position
1 Oscar Hjansen Craitland CT Hornets FB
2 Yaqin Ula Craitland CT Hornets RW
3 Kraig Fredriksen Florian Republic Stonehall Rhinos RC
4 Paulio Fredriksen Craitland Southern Aztecs LC
5 Jón Klevets Florian Republic Dragonmoor Devils LW
6 Jon Pellegrino Craitland Southern Aztecs SO
7 David Chentzansio Craitland CT Hornets SH
8 Will Mortensen Craitland Tiem Hearts PR
9 Vän Óma Craitland CT Hornets HK
10 Cqin Zyxveldtsen Florian Republic Northcliff Tigers PR
11 Lydveldt Dehbo Craitland CT Hornets SR
12 Markko Ghorghesen Craitland Southern Aztecs SR
13 Markko Demhivo Craitland KóS Devils LF
14 Patrick Lydveldtsen Craitland Southern Aztecs FB
15 Juliaĵ Yaqin Craitland Southern Aztecs RW
16 Harry Cräite Craitland Tiem Hearts LC
17 Dämon Zyxveldtsen Craitland Tiem Hearts SO
18 Ben K'aärm Craitland Southern Aztecs SH
19 Ól Lucäsen Craitland KóS Devils PR
20 Kraig Tór Craitland KóS Devils HK
21 Freddie Jonsen Craitland CT Hornets SR
22 Jón Viĵoa Craitland CT Hornets LF
23 Johaņ Jónsen-F'achh Craitland Tiem Hearts RC


Craitland rugby league kit.png



Craitland has used the following flag during the entirety of its FMRL affiliation: