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1701 eruption of Mount Broadshaw

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1701 eruption of Mount Broadshaw
The map above shows the location of Mount Broadshaw in the Region of New Luthoria.
Magnitude 5.0 Mw
Epicentre under Mount Broadshaw
Areas affected New Luthoria, Nouvelle Alexandrie
Casualties 10 dead, 110 injured

The 1701 eruption of Mount Broadshaw (1701 AN) is a volcanic eruption in the Region of New Luthoria that began in 1.VI.1701 AN. Previously considered a dormant volcano, Mount Broadshaw has maintained a low-level eruption of constant lava flow since its start. The constant flow of lava from the volcano was accompanied by a series of earthquakes, the largest being 5.0 in magnitude. The eruption ended in 12.XIV.1701 AN with minor damage from earthquakes leading to the deaths of 10 people and the injury of 110.