1696 Natopian census

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The 1696 Natopian census was conducted across Natopia and counted all persons residing within the empire, their name, and their residence. Its population data was used to decide the number of seats assigned to the demesnes during the 1697 Lesser Frenzy elections.

It was found that Natopia had a population of 374,686,235 inhabitants, making it the second- or third-most populous nation on Micras. This represented a 5.07% increase compared to the 1680 Natopian census. Aside from natural growth, population mostly increased in the western Tapfer regions due to the incorporation and assimilation of the formerly Vanic denizens of Mandatory Providence, following Reconstruction in West Tapfer. The next official census will be held in 1708.

Region Population
Lindstrom City 7.9 million
Ziegeland 61.1 million
Sororiya 24.9 million
Tas Neemia 44.1 million
Nova Alrodria 1.9 million
Klaasiya 51.4 million
New Alexandria 32.4 million
Thalassa 25.3 million
Neridia 66.5 million
Saint Andre 4.9 million
Free Florian State 8.5 million
Arboria Proper 8,397,479
Transegale 7.9 million
Arboria del Sur 14.5 million
Mar Sara 2.9 million
Two Martyrs 3 million
Massat 8.3 million
Opaeghia 5.1 million
New Lindstrom 1,098
Waffel Plains 4.6 million
Natopia 374,686,235