This is the current list of nations on the MCS map.

Republic of Aerla
Anahuaco Empire
Kingdom of Ashinthael
Benacian Union
Çakar Empire
Gwlad y Calbain
Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics of Cerulea
Imperial State of Constancia
Kingdom of Craitland
Democratic Republic of Daau
Federal Republic of the Forgotten Dark Berry Islands
Republic of the Davinson Islands
United States of Eternia
Confederate States of Floria
Order of the Holy Lakes in right of Hurmu
Imperial Federation of Ralgon, Nixtorm, and Tar-Palantir
Empire of Insulia
International Mandate for the Settlements in Apollonia
Garden of Kalgachia
Republic of Krasnovlac
Sultanate of Kurum Ash-Sharqia
Grand Duchy of Lac Glacei
Federal Republic of Lostisland
Kingdom of Meckelnburgh
Republic of Mercury
Kingdom of Moorland
Bovic Empire of the Natopian Nation
Islamic Republic of New Batavia
Kingdom of Normark
Federation of Nouvelle Alexandrie
State of Oportia
Kingdom of Ostland
Confederation of the Phineonesian Nations
Holy Empire of Réunion
Saint Salvation
Sanaman Union of People's Republics
Democratic Environmental Society of Senya
Imperial Republic of Shireroth
Commonwealth of the South Sea Islands
Suren Confederacy
City and Country of Taktwinkel
Tellian Confederation
The Realms Represented by the Hexarchy of Pyrax, Elam, and the Eventide Islands
Community of Elijah in Theogiorick
Three Kingdoms
United Cities of the Vales
Republic of Vegno
Union of the Republic of Zeed