Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get my micronation on the map?
A: Read the "Join Us" section of our website. In it you will find the application form. Either post it in the forum in a new thread, or send an e-mail to the Administrator General.

Q: How much land should I claim?
A: The MCS tries to project as realistic a world as possible, and at the same time keep an ample amount of land on the map open for new micronations to join or other deserving members to expand. Thus claims should be kept to a minimal size, taking into account how many active citizens you have, the map scale, culture in your nation, and what you truly plan to utilize, not just take up blank space on the map. Claims that we feel are excessive WILL be reduced.

Q: Why can't I have as much land as the big nations?
A: Realize that the largest members (land-wise) have been with the MCS since its very start, some five years ago. These nations have expanded their lands over time. Likewise, members that prove their dedication to the hobby, maturity and remain members for a long time, will eventually gain the option to expand.

Q: My nation has been around for ten years and has a hundred citizens! I want more land!
A: Frankly, we don't care. We've heard that story a hundred times before and it doesn't fly. Unless you can show us physical proof in the form of an active online community, then your claims will not be recognized.

Q: So how do I expand my claim in the future?
A: The best reason for expanding your existing territory is by showing the MCS that you have gained citizens or are active enough with your present citizens to warrant an expansion. An example of this would be a community who has gained citizens and needs more land for subdivisions/development. In the case of a static (not growing) community, expansion would be granted if you have justifiable reason for it such as in-depth cultural projects that cannot be applied to existing claims.

Q: How does the MCS check my activity levels?
A: The only way we can - by your online presence. Since the MCS is built and designed to aid internet/virtual micronations who do not have a claim on the real world, likewise we check activity through their online presence. This mostly relates to a forum, bulletin board, or mailing list, which serve as the primary communications hub of most micronations. A website is also necessary. Without these things, we cannot confirm that you are an active community, which subjects you to expulsion or rejection.

Q: Can I give my land to another country if mine dies?
A: Only if you are letting another country annex your country and/or reorganize it therein, and only under circumstances in which your country has been established for some time prior to being annexed. Founding countries just for the sake of having another annex them will result in expulsion from the society.

Q: My nation was removed from the map. Why?
A: Inactivity is the primary reason for a nation being removed from the map. The staff of the MCS conducts periodic checks on the level of activity in its members. Most of the time, a nation will go inactive and we only find out through these checks. Another reason for removal may be immaturity or violence. Attacking other members or acting like you're three-years old will get you removed - permanently.