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Halfway between the Southwestern edge of the Hammish Highlands and the Chelkran Strait, Zibert is the only city in the nation’s history to have fallen to a hostile, invasive force (War of Silos). Alongside Zidado West and Zimia, the city was preserved under Gralun rule, though it collapsed soon after the nation gained independence from the Confederacy, soon after the fall of the Pirate Kingdoms. Following the collapse of that nation, the city would not be reestablished until 4140, when the territory was claimed by the Kingdom of Hamland.

Derived from a legacy of hardship, the people of Zibert live a fairly rugged lifestyle. Most of the city’s men work in the hills, mining limestone and granite, though a fair number of citizens are also employed by central grain and the Bay of Bel Air Merchants Corporation

A large number of nymphs make their home in the Zibert, and discrimination against nymphs is common. In addition, it is common knowledge that a signficant gnome population lays claim to the land along the border with Israat, in the East. Foreigners to the region are advised to remain near human settlements such as Zibert, South Kirrie, and Zidado Stone. Population (760 WG): 858,926