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Tudela Motor Company

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Tudela Motor Company
Type Public Limited Company
Industry Automotive
Founded 1686 AN
Headquarters Tudela, Alduria-Wechua Alduria-Wechua
  • Automobiles
  • Luxury vehicles
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Engines
Services Banking, financing, leasing

Tudela Motor Company is an Alduro-Wechua automotive manufacturer headquartered in Tudela, Alduria-Wechua. It was founded in 1686 AN by engineers Mehran Nazeri, Louis Pélissier, and Pedro Loubriel.

Nazeri, Pélissier, and Loubriel formerly worked at Aldurian Motor Company. They were influenced to start the company after Faca AG obtained the majority stake in the company and announced its intention to seize full ownership. The founders considered it a mark of national pride and self-sufficiency to develop an independent automaker that is also a technology company in order to properly compete.

Nazeri currently serves as Chairman while Pélissier currently serves as CEO. Nazeri consistently maintains that the long-term strategic goal is to create affordable mass-market conventional and electric vehicles. The three founders have successfully secured enough venture capital after several rounds of talks with investors. The company is in the process of building its first large manufacturing plant in the city of Tudela, with two more being planned in the cities of Beauharnais and Cárdenas in the future.

In 1686 AN, Tudela Motor Company was announced as a development partner on the BK-IV Bastiat. Cooperation with the ESB Design Bureau produced the Tudela M1687 Electric Motor (1,119 kW), and ESB/T-48a Deep-cycle Battery Bank, as the power plant for the BK-IV Bastiat.


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