Skutuční Pelezu

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Skutučni Pelezu
Krasnarus Bletu Kurej
Krasnarus Krasnarus
Krasnarusyn Super Liga

Skutuční Pelezu is a Krasnarusyn association football club based in Nuví Pelezu, the capital and largest city of Krasnarus. The team was founded in July 2017, and held open trials for players that same month. It participates in the Super Liga, which is the top division of football in Krasnarus.


First team squad

Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FMF eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FMF nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Krasnarus GK Gupnek
2 Krasnarus GK Gred Neiner
3 Krasnarus DF Kreštuf Kilimin
4 Krasnarus DF Brenislev Kelenen
5 Krasnarus DF Hunur Jirijiv
6 Krasnarus DF Hung Yeng
7 Krasnarus DF Merku Sumutuv
8 Krasnarus DF Nekul Kerlač
9 Krasnarus DF Rúbert Ćice
10 Krasnarus MF Jen Kerpuj
No. Position Player
11 Krasnarus MF Octavio Allebey
12 Krasnarus MF Allen Sealay
13 Krasnarus MF Nuvik
14 Krasnarus MF Tolga Kaya
15 Krasnarus MF Semut Tur
16 Krasnarus MF Merik Hemšuk
17 Krasnarus FW Merku Turksku
18 Krasnarus FW Gerku Gurenuvič
19 Krasnarus FW Stanislav Stanislavovic
20 Krasnarus FW Eric Masterson