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Mar Sara is an island in the south of Micras.

The island of MarSar as shown on the Claims Map of Micras.

Origins and Etymology

Mar Sara was founded as an independent country by Thomas Hubert in September 2000, named after a planet in Starcraft. The country was quickly defeated by forces led by Ryan Caruso during the Three Hours' War, but its existence was remembered by the MCS Cartographers and it was included in the Series One map.


The geography established by Ryan Caruso claims Mar Sara is forced by magic into having several unlikely geographic zones in close proximity, like jungle, desert, and tundra. On the MCS map, however, it is about three-quarters tundra (though outside the ice-cap) and mostly flat.


Mar Sara began life as an independent country, although it was never listed that way on the map. Ryan Caruso, who had led the forces occupying it during the Three Hours' War, had a strong claim to it, but he often gave it to other countries and then changed his mind, leaving several strong empires with good claims to the land, and almost resulting in war more than once. In Series One, it was Jasonian; by Series Three, it was divided, with North Mar Sara under Shireroth and South Mar Sara under Treesia. By Series Five, South Mar Sara (along with the rest of Tapfer) was Menelmacari, and by Series Six, Shireroth had taken over the whole island. By Series Nine, Shireroth had been pushed into the south by Matbaic colonizers in the north. Shireroth continues to hold the south as part of the Duchy of Yardistan, but the north is currently unclaimed.