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Brookshire flag.png
Predominant language: Præta

Main roads:
Major districts:

Current mayor:


Map versions: 14.2.3 - present

Maltenstein is the de facto capital of the Imperial Duchy of Brookshire. Founded in 1567 AN as a manor estate for the House of Rossheim-Maltenstein. When the Counties of Woodshire, Caverden, and Crestfall Downs were unified into Lichshire (later Overdolor), Maltenstein grew rapidly as its administrative seat. It served as a second capital for Lichbrook until that imperial state's dissolution. Kaiseress Salome regularly uses it as a second home when concentrating on and coordinating affairs in Brookshire.

In the outskirts of Maltenstein, near the village of Rumsɬæn, Shireroth's first Hurmu Gate is planned to be built. See Gate Rumsɬæn-Maltenstein.