Hartmut Aldric

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Hartmut Aldric
Full name Hartmut Aldric
AKA Duke of Calezi
Physical information
Species Human
Gender Male
Biographical information
Father Nóe Aldric
Mother Cristin Ní Fionnghalaigh
Date of birth 16.IV.1615 AN
Place of birth Zolt, Goldshire Shireroth
Date of death 12.VIII.1667
Place of death The Citadel, Brookshire Shireroth
Residence(s) Raynor's Keep
Nationality Shirerithian Shireroth
Allegiance(s) Shireroth Shireroth
Occupation Steward

Hartmut Aldric, Duke of Calezi (born 1613 in Zolt, died in Brookshire, 1667) was a Shirerithian nobleman and statesman, Steward of the Imperial Republic 1663–1667. He has previously been the Regent of Shireroth and Count of Elsyran. He currently serves as Duke of Calezi, President of the Council of Ministers of the Imperial Duchy of Brookshire, and First Secretary of the Kehl.

Born into an untitled noble family in Zolt, Hartmut was educated under the tutelage of his father's closest adviser, Georgio Ducruet. Ducruet was an Alexandrian who instilled in Hartmut the Aldric family values of hard work and perseverance. Upon his father's untimely death, Hartmut inherited the Aldric family estate in Zolt.

Hartmut found himself being invited to the inaugural ball of Noah, upon Noah's ascension to the county of Elsenar in 1633. At that ball, Hartmut met Noah's twin Audun Joel. Corresponding over many years, the two slowly developed a relationship that began when Audun Joel returned to Elsyran after his time as Kaiser. Not wishing to bring undue shame upon them, Audun Joel asked Hartmut to keep their relationship discreet for its first few years. The relationship was later common knowledge throughout the counties of Elsyran and Suthergold, until Audun Joel's death in 1651 during the Auspicious Occasion.

Hartmut, obliging to the request, was largely unknown to most until after Audun Joel's death, when it was discovered that he was the sole benefactor in Audun Joel's will. This included Audun's title Count of Elsyran which was invested upon Harmut. Hartmut, now among the high noble elite of Shireroth, was seen as respected, quiet, and thoughtful. This earned him enough respect to be appointed to the Imperial Advisory Council in 1655 and being selected Regent a year later.

Following the end of the regency, Harmut Aldric was elevated to Duke of Calezi, appointed to the advisory council of Brookshire and to imperial minister of the interior in Shireroth. Upon Steward Mira II of Octavius-Aryani's death, he was acting Steward until his own election in 1663 led to a full term as Steward.

In the 1665 Folksraad and Landsraad elections, he developed an alliance with the Imperial Democratic Party, which he came to endorse and then become its Chairman and Leader.

Murdered in Brookshire in 12.VIII.1667.

Preceded by:
Mira II of Octavius-Aryani
Steward of the Imperial Republic
Succeeded by
Ryker Everstone (Acting)
Preceded by:
Ryker Everstone
Regent of the Imperial Republic
Succeeded by
End of Regency