Gangtie Industries

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Gangtie Industries
Type Private limited
Industry Aerospace
Founded 1670
Headquarters Daishu, Jingdao
Key people Gang Lao
Products Airplanes and airplane parts

Gangtie Industries is a company founded in 1670 with the help of a loan from the Jingdaoese Ministry of Purity and intellectual property of the Holländer Flugzeugwerke factories in the First Empire.

Image Product name Product type Customer(s)
Feixing Tianhou Supersonic airliner Shouxuan Airlines
Gongyewu Jet airliner Alrig Air
Qingbian.png Qingbian Biplane airliner Guoguo Airlines


In 1670 the Imperial State of Constancia, via the Shirerithian Embassy in Daocheng, approached Gangtie Industries concerning the purchase of 45 Qingbian aircraft for use as target drones.