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Franja Transversal del Oeste

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Franja Transversal del Oeste (FTO)
The Western Transversal Strip
The Wechua Nation Coat of Arms.svg
Coat of Arms
Map of the Franja Transversal del Oeste.
Motto: In pace victoria (In Peace, Victory)
Capital OB-1
Military Districts District I
District II
District III
Official Languages Common Tongue, Praeta,
Alexandrian Fransch, Wechu.
Demonym XXXXXX
Government Military Occupation by Caputia and the Wechua Nation
Head of State Sapa Wechua HWM Manco Capac
Head of Government General Bernard Gardet (Caputia)
General Urma Ccahua Chalco (Wechua Nation)
Legislature XXXXX
Population 1,287,322 (1666)

The Franja Transversal del Oeste, or Western Transversal Strip, was a landlocked territory in Keltia that existed from 1663-1673. It was located north of the coast of the Captive Sea, bordered by the Wechua Nation to the east, Caputia on the north and the west, and the Security Lines separating it from both nations. The strip has been under military occupation by the Wechua Nation, and later jointly with Caputia, since the collapse of Alexandria and the end of the Hammish civil war.

The strip is populated with Alexandrian refugees from the collapse of Alexandria, mainly from its old Keltian provinces of Valencia and Santander, and other refugees from the interior of Keltia that joined the assembling tent cities and refugee camps.




Political geography



Wechua Administration

Joint Wechu-Caputian Administration

Security Lines

Crossing Points




Transportation and Communications

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