FAC Premier Division

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FAC Premier Division
Countries Caputia Caputia
Confederation EMUFA
Founded 2017
First season 2017–18
Number of teams 12
Levels on pyramid 1
Domestic cup(s) Combattant Challenge Cup

The FAC Premier Division is the top-tier football league in Caputia, run by the FAC. The league involves twelve teams, each playing thirty-two games a season. The season begins in September and ends in May, with most games being played on Saturdays.


The twelve teams in the league play each other home and away in a double round robin format before splitting into two mini-leagues for the top and bottom halves of the table. The six teams in each mini-league play one another twice again to formulate the season's final standings after a total of 32 matches per team.


The FAC Premier Division was founded in mid-2017 following the foundation of Caputia as a successor state to Hamland after the cessation of the Hammish Civil War. The league was established by the remaining officials of the previous Hamland Premier League clubs with cooperation from players and staff of the recently-defunct Alexandrian Super 12 teams. The two New Vaduzian teams which competed in the HPL chose not to become affiliated to the Premier Division.

While no Caputian teams keep the names or records of any teams from Hamland's history, they are based in the same areas of population and subsequently retained the majority of the squads, with a number of clubs assuming the brand identities of some Alexandrian franchises.

Although the league's first full campaign will be its 2017–18 season, a predecessor tournament was held in mid-2017 to discern the nation's qualifying teams for that season's EMUFA tournaments.


Year Winners Runners-up Third Place

Current teams