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The FAC Premier Cup is a one-off football competition for Caputian clubs, run by the FAC.

In lieu of a preceding full FAC Premier Division season, the tournament will act as an official means of establishing a rankings to decide the clubs to compete in the upcoming 2017–18 EMUFA Champions' League and 2017–18 EMUFA Cup competitions.

Competing teams

The twelve professional clubs affiliated to the FAC Premier Division will all compete in the tournament.


The competition will be run as an elimination cup tournament. Eight teams will contest the first round, with four teams drawn at random being granted a bye to the second round with home advantage, where they will meet the losing teams from the first round. The winning teams from the first and second rounds will advance to the quarter-finals, to proceed as a standard knock-out cup. While the winners of the semi-finals advance to the final, the losers will play in a third-place play-off to establish a final four-team ranking.


First round

Second round

19 August 2017
Stade Tkir 1 – 0 Tly Hearts
Lydveldtsen Goal

19 August 2017
Guul County 1 – 3 Judah Jaguars
Al-Fakhir Goal Weitzman Goal
Lannister GoalGoal

19 August 2017
Imperial New Kirrie 4 – 2 Maynor Wolves
Scott Goal
Adamson Goal
Jung H.M. Goal
Lalić Goal
Viðarsson GoalGoal


22 August 2017
Asga Bears 2 – 1 Stade Tkir
Lydveldtsen Goal
Juanma Goal
Crooks Goal

22 August 2017
Imperial New Kirrie 2 – 0 Judah Jaguars
Chowdhury GoalGoal

22 August 2017
Garrak Athletic 3 – 0 Kilbay City
Chertrand-Pernet Goal
Møkjåland Goal
Özker Goal

22 August 2017
Knights O'Groppa 0 – 1 Morfaga Olympique
Danelon Goal


25 August 2017
Morfaga Olympique 3 – 2 Asga Bears
Craig GoalGoal
Koné Goal
Trask Goal
Lydveldtsen Goal

25 August 2017
Imperial New Kirrie 1 – 1 Garrak Athletic
Jung H.M. Goal Plosker Goal
3 – 5

Third-place play-off

28 August 2017
Imperial New Kirrie 4 – 1 Asga Bears
Adamson Goal
Chowdhury Goal
Razak-Price GoalGoal
Adamle Goal


25 August 2017
Morfaga Olympique 1 – 0 Garrak Athletic
Bousquet Goal