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CFC Svorgas

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Senya CFC Svorgas
Chocolate Svorgas logo.png
Full name Chocolate Football Club Svorgas
Nickname(s) The Cocos
Founded 2012
Ground Coco Road
(capacity: 7,189)
Manager Senya Mark Denton
League Senyan League

CFC Svorgas, known as Chocolate Svorgas FC from 2012–17, is a Senyan football club from Svorgas. The club was named due to its location near a chocolate factory, a major employer in the area.

Name change

The club was forced to rename in 2017 following an update to the rules of Senyan League constitution that banned clubs from having direct named links to any private business. The name Chocolate Svorgas was linked to a nearby chocolate factory who had acted as a broker in the initial foundation of the club and its entry into the Senyan League. As a result, the club renamed itself to CFC Svorgas. Whilst the initial 'C' in the name still stands for Chocolate, the club has distanced itself from the chocolate factory, including severing all business ties to the factory.


First team squad

Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FMF eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FMF nationality.

No. Position Player
2 Senya DF Tomas Praŋya
3 Senya DF Edison Ōderkon
4 Senya DF Lewis Cokhy
5 Senya DF Vincent Gableford
6 Merenolitovina FW Robert Lewałowski
7 Senya MF Reuben Kidd
8 Senya MF Norman Camper
9 Senya MF Jed Rhys
10 Senya FW Aleksarnder Dnepra
11 Senya MF James Ovason
12 Senya FW Nikiča Zabrek
No. Position Player
13 Senya DF Michael Ellis
14 Senya DF Scott Everlander
15 Thraci Confederation MF Mesut Eğuilğus
16 Senya MF Jack-Robert Onerjas
17 Senya FW Bob Palace
18 New Batavia GK Jens Kreijs
19 Senya MF Oliver Kemp
20 Senya MF Harry Kemp
21 Senya DF Jem Kekart
22 New Batavia GK Björn Kreijs