Bedricson & Hege

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Bedricson & Hege
Type Private Limited Company
Industry Tobacco
Founded 990AJ
Headquarters Detsab, Nova England
Products Cigarettes, Rolling and Pipe Tobacco

Bedricson & Hege was established in 990AJ as a joint-venture by tobacco farmers Alfred Bedricson and Jeremy Hege. Soon after its inception the firm was subject to rapid growth, due in part to the lack of competition in the tobacco market. In 991AJ B&H signed an exclusive contract with the Ministry of Defence to provide tobacco rations to all arms of the Nova English Armed Forces.


  • Clippings Premium Fine-Cut Tobacco
  • Glory Pipe Tobacco
  • B&H Bronze Cigarettes
  • B&H Platinum Cigarettes
  • Steadfast Rolling Papers
  • Ealdorman’s Blend Fine-Cut Tobacco
  • Bishop Hart Cigars

Poster advertising B&H Pipe tobacco