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Zidado West United
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Second Division Championship
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Zidado West United was a Passasian football club based in the city of Zidado West, in the region of Passas (formerly Republic of Passas), in the Kingdom of Hamland, which competed in the Second Division Championship and the rest of the Hamland Football Association competitions.


Zidado West United were created in 2006 as one of the founding members of the RNSL Division 1, under the name of Kingsland Mavericks. When the league was disbanded, due to the dissolution of Passas, they still played domestically in non-league tournaments. With the return of Passas under Hammish rule, they joined the HFA, and played in the Second Division Championship from 2011.


Notable former players

Former academy players

Whilst playing as Kingsland Mavericks, the club had an extensive youth academy programme. These players were involved in the academy set-up, prior to its demise in 2008, without ever playing a first-team match for the club.