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Vicaquirao Alvarez

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Vicaquirao Manuel Alvarez Chanca

Vicaquirao Manuel Alvarez Chanca (born 18.IV.1635 AN) is a Wechua politician, economist, former labor activist, and former soldier who currently serves as the Inkap Rantin (Prime Minister) of the Wechua Nation. He has served at that position since he led the Social Democratic Club to their first electoral victory in the Wechua general election of 1673. His administration had focused on restoring order, governance, and unity after the Wechua Nation collapsed and saw its old government and institutions restored in 1673. As Prime Minister, he has focused on implementing several aggressive poverty reduction programs, centralizing economic planning, increasing investment in infrastructure, education, health, and economic development, and enacting controversial anti-corruption reforms. An avowed social democrat, he is the leader of the Social Democratic Club of the Wechua Nation.


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Preceded by:
Kayara Mayhuasca Soncco
Inkap Rantin
Prime Minister of the Wechua Nation

1673 - Incumbent
Succeeded by