Unknown Heroes Memorial Arena

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Unknown Heroes Memorial Arena
The Memorial
Full name Unknown Heroes Memorial Arena
Location Barnum City, Kingdom of Barnum
Broke ground October 19, 1437 AN
Built 1437-1461 AN
Opened October 10, 1461 AN
Surface Multi-surface
Scoreboard Electric scoreboard
Construction cost 56.3 million Barnumian dollars
Capacity 10,000
Barnum City Tigers, Barnum Men's Basketball Team

The Unknown Heroes Memorial Arena is a 10,000 seat multi-purpose arena, located in Barnum City, Kingdom of Barnum. Its main tenants are the Barnum City Tigers men's hockey team, and the Barnum Men's Basketball Team.

Opened on October 10 1461 AN, the Arena is dedicated to the "unknown soldiers" of the Kingdom.

An inscription near the front of the Arena reads:

"This arena is dedicated to those Barnum soldiers, their names known only to God, who have made the ultimate sacrifice for King, Country, and Freedom. May their exploits never be forgotten. His Majesty King Matthew The First, October 1461 AN"