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From "The Apollo Foundation" Original Article by Bill Dusch


The second Apollonian micronation, the United Demesos (Also known as "Demesosia" or "UD" for short) was originally founded by me as a niave political experiment to see if a form of government that I had created, Demesos, could work. (Demesos was formed from the ancient greek words Demos and Esos, which meant people and equal, respectively.) It never was very successful by today's standards; the citizenship level was a misnomer, as most citizens were inactive. However, despite its non-successes, the United Demesos did bring upon influence through the sector. Ironically, there was something in the United Demesos which does influence the world today: Recreational Warfare, known at the time as GIF Wars, infamously made by me creating maps of Demesosian troops invading countries, especially during the Automatic War. However, it was laughed at in those days, and the Demesosians did in fact use forum warfare with the help of their allies, the Republic of Blackrock. The UD's enemies were first and foremost the Great Automatic People's Republic, and created propaganda against them called the MagiGARP, still existing today as a fictional fish. Land-wise, the United Demesos was formed before the MCS existed; however, its land today is perceived to be the area East of the Kitanus Fields and North of the former Audentior; today, Antica controls a portion of this territory, with in a coincidence, its capital of a province, Alcyon, was the same position as the capital of the United Demesos, Demesos City.