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Ulimahinacua is the Cedrist Goddess of the Moon, the Tides and Menstruation.

She is the love-child of an affair between Breiza the Goddess of Peace, and an unknown member of the House of Light (either Lukedu, Maju or possibly even Malarbor). She was conceived in defiance of Breiza's amorous relationship with Tempus, the God of War. Tempus discovered that Breiza had been unfaithful, but did not know to whom. His wrath at this was said to be so great that it was manifested in the invasion of Eastern Brookshire by Duke Ju'Uliave Mercaja of Goldshire in 1356 (this being the beginning of the conflict that resulted in the forging of the Sword of Vengeance, the rousing of Rrakanychan and the foundation of Shireroth itself). To spare the entire realm of mortals being consumed by war due to Tempus' further anger, the Gods convened and they, including Tempus himself, decided that the identity of Ulimahinacua's father must never be known. They also decided that to spare any awkwardness in the Celestial Temple, Ulimahinacua herself would be banished to the moon and tasked with governing the tides, the temperament of women, and all other things under the moon's power.

Ulimahinacua was shocked at the conflict Tempus had caused in the mortal realm, and was infuriated that the combatants dared continue their war under her full moon. One such battle broke out between Goldshirian and Brookshirian reserve armies on the southern flank of the conflict, believed to be located in the Crescent Valley of central Lunaris. Ulimahinacua descended from the moon and appeared on the battlefield itself, bringing the entire fight to a halt with a hypnotising song. Seeing that the armies were half-fit reservists who were not much interested in battle in the first place, she walked among them and spoke in a quiet whisper that carried to the ears of every single man:

Look at the moon above you. You fight beneath it as shamelessly as you would in front of a child. You kill in the face of beauty.

I am upset. And I would have you all consumed by madness if I did not know you. I would have your wives possessed with rage enough to murder you as you slept, if I did not know you. I would have the tides of the sea drown you, if I did not know you.

But know you I do. You are the downcast, the rejected, the passed over. You have more in common with the mortals you seek to kill than the mortals in whose name you kill. You are the lame, the feeble, the enslaved, the innocent.

For this I will spare you, if you lay down your weapons and come with me.

The armies did as she commanded, and she led them away from the front line to the eastern coast. The war raged on without them, and on an isolated peninsula called Lumenetra they built Ulimahinacua a temple. The descendants of these people eventually founded Lunaris.