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  State of Thraci Confederation  
State of Tiginsy


Coat of arms
Tiginsky in Thraci Confederation
Nation Thraci Confederation Thraci Confederation
Establish 1703 AN
Administrtative center Ossora
 • Governor Ekav Sedilov
Population (1706 AN)
 • Total 500,000
 • Estimate (1703 AN) 500,000
Demonym Tiginskian
 • Ethnic groups
Time zone CMT (UTC+6)
Postcode 45xxx-50xxx
Area code(s) 030-040
Vehicle registration TG


The history of Tiginsky is not that old, several Antarctic peoples came together to form this country. The Tiginsky district was formerly known as the Freeburg Isles and was dominated by Stormark. When Stormark died, the region fell into anarchy, over time the Thraci Confederation dominated the region, and in 1703 Yaşar Talha Bülbül removed the Freeburg Isles from crown dependency and turned it into a founding nation, renaming it Tiginsky.


Tiginsky is a nation located right next to the permanent snow line. Tiginsky is an island nation and consists of four separate islands. Tiginsky is exposed to cold from glaciers throughout the year and has a permafrost climate throughout. The city of Goralsk is one of the coldest cities of Tiginsky and Micras, and even colder than Pacary, which is directly exposed to permanent snowpack. Every place except Goralsk and Hanır island is exposed to permafrost effect. The weather in Tiginsky averages -54°C in winter, the lowest temperature was recorded a little south of the city of Goralsk and the temperature was -64°C.

Despite this, Tiginsky averages above 15°C in summers, making it one of the fastest changing weather conditions in Micras of the year. The city of Hanyrsk is one of the warmest cities and various fruits can be grown in the region.






Since Tiginsky is a cold country, it is usually famous for winter sports. Ice hockey and curling are the most popular sports and they have a federation. The main towns of Tiginsky have many indoor gyms and are open to the public.

Football is the third popular sport and is in the process of establishing a functional football federation in Tiginsky. A football league is planned and will consist of six teams.


Flag State Head of State Notes
Hanır flag.png Hanır Ekav Sedilov Capital is Hanırsk.
Yargar flag.png Yargar Ekav Sedilov Capital is Ossora.
Goral flag.png Goral Ekav Sedilov Capital is Goralsk.