The Hexarchy in Microvision 2021

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The Hexarchy was represented at Microvision 2021 by Skillet, with the song "Lions".


From natural disasters to internal strife, the country experienced every possible form of hardship before finding their feet. Their recent independence and heavy sacrifices to save themselves from existential threats have helped the country not only survive its worst challenges, but thrive. This song represents their will to rise up and face their fears After many years of hardship, the people of the Hexarchy are finally ready to take their place under the sun. This song represents their rise from a seemingly endless dark age that ended with the country's independence in the late 1680's. It was chosen among some 56 entries by popular vote among the major provinces and cantons of the country.


Reactions and propaganda

  • Dark Berry Islands Dark Berry Islands: This song was well received in the DBI, with many finding comfort, strength and hope from the song's lyrics in the face of the current domestic conflict.