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Tempus is the Cedrist god of War. Brother to Mors the God of Death, and father of Sephiroth. While Tempus, unlike his brother, is not married, he is however, ironically, the lover to Breiza the goddess of peace.

The Story of Tempus as originally related by Stone Jackabar, and here transcribed by Erik Mortis:

Tempus Marches up the stairs to the temple. Tempus looks ragged, his scars deep and cuts bleeding "MORS!!! MORS!!!!!!! I have fed you souls my brother!!!! Now grant me my peace!" Tempus falters and falls on the floor of the temple, as a beautiful calm woman comes with a gentle voice and softy places a hand on Tempus' muscled and scared shoulder The women's voice is like a gentle breeze "Arise, my love, it is time to sleep again" Tempus stands and embraces the small frail women with more tenderness that is characteristic of a god of war. Tempus speaks softy and kisses her as he falls asleep "Breiza, i....love....you......" Tempus eyes close and his great form falls asleep on a heretofore unknown alter with his symbol on it Breiza, god of peace kisses his softly and gently places sword on his chest* sleep now, for when hatred once again stirs the heart of man, their anger will cause you rise,and wreak war upon the world once more. This new god walks out of the temple where Brappa awaited the shift of the gods of war and peace Outside the temple a horse appears. Its rider ragged and worn from the journey, dust settled on his clothing. At last after crossing an ocean and a continent, Satrap Jahandar had arrived at this mythical place. Before the war, many of the Treesian advisors in the court of Sajin City had told the Satrap of the commonality of his moniker "god of war" and the legendary temple across the ocean in Shireroth. Thinking nothing of Theology at the time, "Why bother with mystics when we have tanks and bombs?" he had ignored these tales in favour of traditional warfare, but since The Orchid Wars, the issues of mysticism had proved themselves with GREAT punctuation. Dismounting Hesam walked up the steps of the temple, an almost electric presence sent a rush of energy up his spine, he could almost feel the cold stone of the temple through his skin, hesitating he pushed the heavy door. pitch darkness inside, the air was cold, almost frosty, and stale. He moved toward the large stone alter, a relief sculpture of the war god Tempus lying atop it. His expression, asleep but pensive as if anticipating his eventual waking, worried and unwilling to continue his work, he lay. Hesam had not known what would be necessary to wake the god, so he had brought the most basic concepts with him, blood spilled from an innocent soul. In a vile, the blood had coagulated, adding water, Hesam returned the red powder into its rich natural state, pouring it into the fallen hand of the stone figure, he waited.... The blood was absorbed into the stone and the eyes opened, as flesh grew on the stone skin quickly spreading to show the war god with a new body. As the war gods eyes opened he sat up slowly, with his mighty muscles clenching after being frozen. The god of war yawns, stretches, and promptly scratches himself. Tempus stands, his massive 7'6" body far larger then any human, he holds his hand up and his 7 foot sword comes to his hand. "YOU!! YOU have broken me from my slumber!!!" Tempus advances on Hesam, than suddenly gives him a bear hug. "THANK YOU MY FRIEND!!" Releasing him, "You have need of my strength of one of the strange clothes?" The goddess of peace comes and Tempus kisses her goodnight and lays her down in his place. "Doorood Great One, terribly sorry to bother you, but there are a few thousand people I need butchered and gutted if you wouldn't mind?" Taking out his sword, Hesam draws a primitive map in the dirt outside of the temple so as not to dishonor the temple. "You may find the souls of thousands outside Sajin, for if it were not for the fact that the desert has been burned into black glass, the sand would be soaked in blood with the cost of lives from this massacre"


The war god laughs.

"well said small one, yet remember, all souls that fall to my blade are gifts to Mors! My great and powerful brother!"

Tempus Picks up Hesan and places him on his horse.

"Now then, show me this place so needing of Mors' touch, and mayhap I will make you a believe in we gods after all. "