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The Stormarksturneringen
Logo Stormarksturneringen.png
Tournament Information
Countries Stormark Stormark
Confederation AEFA AEFA
Founded 2014
First Season 2014
Number of Teams 32
Domestic Cup(s) High King's Cup
Super Cup(s) Fulltrui Shield
International Cup(s) AEFA Champions' League
Tournament Records
Most Titles 0
Most Goals 0
Highest Transfer Fee RKr 0.00
Games won in a row 0
Games lost in a row 0
Games played 0
Richest Club TBC
Highest Score 0 - 0
Biggest Win 0 - 0
Biggest Defeat 0 - 0
Current Champions
First Season
Soccerball current event.png 2014 The Stormarksturneringen