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The Euran Climate

OOC climate musings - lest I forget:

  • The Gulf of Aqaba / Astéraspolis (Mediterranean-esque)
  • Aqaba Province (Libya-ish)
  • Molivadia (Iran-ish with subtropical forests on its northern fringes for funsies)
  • Varaz (Iran-ish (Shiraz) to account for the wine)
  • Mitra (Iran / Turkmenistan, wine country giving way to Steppe)
  • Raspur City (Pure steppe)
  • Mehrshahr and Shâhibâgh (Surprisingly temperate, also more fertile being in the non-Babkhan zone during the apocalypse)
  • Not to be forgotten - the intermittent radioactive death zones left over from the end of the Babkhan period.

Aware Bijaro has a somewhat different conception of the Euran climate but that can be pegged to looking at it through the lens of the Gulf of Zinjibar / Norashti coast which might easily be somewhat akin to what Northern Australia looks like near the Torres Strait.