Mahūti Stæ̈dëyūm

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Mahūti Stæ̈dëyūm
Stad Mahūti
Stad Mahūti.jpg
Mahūti Stæ̈dëyūm laid out a for Gridiron football game.
Location Mahūti, Senya
Broke ground 2010
Built 2011–2012
Owner Mahūti Sitádel Kūnsel
Operator FC Mahūti
Surface Grass
Scoreboard One
Capacity 15,000
Team Warriors
FC Mahūti
River Warriors national football team

Mahūti Stæ̈dëyūm (known as Stad Mahūti during football matches) is a multi-purpose stadium in Mahūti, River Warriors, and is the home of several sports teams, most notably FC Mahūti. The stadium is located toward the city centre.
The Stadium was built in 2012 as a new home for Team Warriors, a Gridiron Football team.
The Stadium has a capacity of 15,000. The stadium is able to hold various events, and is the largest stadium in the River Warriors.