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Rrakanîtzan was once a cunning and extremely savage dæmon of Balgurd who would routinely terrorize the denizens of Shireroth. He was a large brutish looking creature when he was materialized in this world, red in color with eyes of fire.

During the early years of the Shirerithian Empire, he became particularly active ravaging the countryside. No man was ever able to stand his ground against the hideous creature and live to tell the tale; it was usually on lookers who told others how he died. Neither peasant nor soldier nor knight or noble could withstand the dæmon; all faltered.

It is unknown how the creature came to being as a dæmon, some figure it was once a man whose soul became so black and corrupt that it was past the point of redemption or salvation—A pure black Karma. Others however believe that the creature was spawn of Balgurd itself and had always been a dæmon.

Legend has it that during the later days of Raynor I —- or perhaps during the reign of some other early Kaiser -- Rrakanîtzanbecame so despised that the Kaiser himself decided to take up the Sword of Vengeance and make war upon the dæmon. By this time, the creature had actually amassed a small mortal following who worshiped the dæmon as a god of destruction. The Kaiser left the capital city of the time with near 5,000 infantrymen.

The army met the dæmon and his forces in the mountains in what is now western Goldshire and made war upon them. The Followers of Rrakanîtzanput up a valiant fight as they fought for both ideology and their lives, for they knew their god would smite all who failed him. When the Followers had been bested or otherwise subdued, the Kaiser met the creature in Single Combat at the mouth of the cave that led to the Gate of Balgurd.

The battle was hard fought. The mighty Sword of Vengeance, sword of the Kaisers, symbol of the Throne and dealer of death, met the dæmon's Sword of Fire. The magicks of the two great swords clashed and fought each other as the two combatants raged on. In the end, although grievously but not mortally wounded, the Kaiser bested the creature. Removing the dæmon's sword from its possession the Kaiser prepared to banish the dæmon from existence. It was at this instant that the dæmon creature, Rrakanîtzan, bane of mortal man and wielder of the Sword of Fire, threw himself before the mighty Kaiser and sought mercy. The once fierce dæmon cast itself before the Kaiser's mercy, offering himself and his freedom, as prize to the victor. The Kaiser said onto the dæmon: "You are a traitorous creature and dæmon of the nether realms, your honor is non-existence and you have caused more harm upon this world than I care to recall. Your death shall be justice upon those you have killed!" As the Kaiser prepared to strike the dæmon made one last argument onto the Kaiser: "But m'lord you are but mortal man and must die in your time of age. I am dæmon and immortal, never to die of age or ill. I could serve your kingdom for all time, even after you have died nobly in your time." The Kaiser paused and spoke onto the creature: "Your honor is questionable but logic and cunning are without doubt. I shall spare your life, and you shall serve me and mine heirs. I shall bind your soul to your very sword so that you may never betray me and mine." The Creature rose: "M'lord Kaiser I submit to your will and your blood for all time…" The Kaiser stopped him: "Silence servant! You serve me now and shall be silent until I speak to your cretin. I have not spared your place in this world out of mercy or compassion; I look upon you with distain and contempt. I have spared you so that you may serve those who you have ravaged, so that you may forever be punished for your crimes against mortal man. I command you to go back to the Gate of Balgurd and wait there until the End Times. When the End Times comes and the legions spring forth from that gate and prepare their assault, you are to come to the heir of my line and warn them. Do you understand slave?" With rage in his eyes: "I understand master." Holding the Sword of Fire before the dæmon: "I have bound your soul to this sword and cursed you with it. Never shall you be able to touch it nor instruct another to touch it for you. It shall know your every thought as it knows your very soul. If you ever betray my blood or people, it shall know and strike you dead. Never again shall you plague this world."

Since that day the dæmon creature, Rrakanychan has resided in the cave, before the Gate of Balgurd, awaiting the End Times.