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Riponian Premiership
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The RFA Premier League, most commonly referred to as the Riponian Premiership, was the top-tier of Riponian football, consisting of eight teams. The last champions were Port Rackham Rangers, who also won the EMUFA Champions' League and the EMUFA Super Cup along with the Premiership title.


The league was founded in 2007 by four existing clubs following the national team's 2006 FMF World Cup quarter-final finish. Four further clubs joined the league for the following season, and the RFA Cup kicked-off the same year. All RFA competitions were disbanded later in 2008 after Riponia was declared dead.

The league had a strong identity of its diverse continental football and was known for being fast-played. The league had a remarkable amount of decent foreign players which had adapted to the quick and physical style of Riponian football, including Sébastien Focán, Jon Anders Larsen, Steve Stevenson and Yorihato Takegi. The league also produced some of Riponia's finest players, such as Benjamin Cotts, Theo Sinclair, Lewis Prescott and Christopher Farnham.

The expansion for the 2008 season saw an introduction of three notable club rivalries. The Stavely rivalry was between Gunners Athletic and Northriding Hotspurs, the Port Rackham derby was between Port Rackham Rangers and Tramerton FC, and the capital city Ripon rivalry was between Ripon City Magnets and Ripon Rovers.

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