Republic of Victoria

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For other similarly-named entities, see Victoria (disambiguation).
The Republic of Victoria
Republiek Victoria
Official language Dutch
Capital Bissau
Largest cities Bissau
Number of citizens 0 (dissolved)
Number of active citizens 0 (dissolved)
Date founded August 2004 (est.)
Government Republic
Current leader None
Currency None
National animal None
National fruit/food None
National drink None
Map versions 6.7.4 - 6.8.1


Victoria was founded as principality in the summer of 2004 by Stijn after the communist invasion of Charlotta. More Charlottan refugees moved in, most notably Sander Dieleman and Willem Kanaal. Due to the subsequent influx of communists and ultranationalists, the national tensions started rising soon and would stay high throughout the nation's existence. Under pressure of the communist population the nation changed from a principality to a parliamentary republic with an elected head of state. Still this did not stop several attempted coups, re-coups and an invasion. After a short but turbulent life, Victoria was dissolved by mutual consent in the first months of 2005.