Natopian naming customs

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Natopian naming customs are traditions, norms, and standards followed by the various cultures found in Natopia when naming children, passing a life milestone, changing surnames upon marriage, or on other major occasions. Naming customs vary greatly within Natopia.


The demesne of Flaventia has many distinct cultures and people living within it. As such, namimg customs vary greatly from Punkrock to Alrodey and from Tassity to Oakham.


Names in Sororiya generally follow the same patterns and are based on ancient Lavalonian heritage. Generally given names are generally Athlonic like Christophos, Chilonis, and Demetrius, and family names are related to fauna native to the Laval Peninsula such as Eucalyptos, Hummock, Xanthorr, and Spinifex. Family names are passed on patrilineally. Spouses commonly hyphenate their spouse's family name.


Names in Ziegeland follow patterns based on the region and ancestry of the family. Mehl and Haas families follow very similar trends with common names and surnames. Hazel names use a wide variety of given names from many Yellow Island languages although names commonly derive from the ancient Treespeak of the Hazel. Male given names are unique, however. If there is a consonant in the middle of the name it is replaced with an "i". For example Nathan becomes Naian, James becomes Jaies, etc. Hazel family names are matrilineal and usually follow a pattern (adjective+tree) or (woodsy word+tree) or (night time words) such as Loneoak, Moonoak, Timberpine, Starshade.

Draconian names

Draconian people in Natopia generally have Haas given names as an attempt to assimilate. Draconian family names are various combinations like Drakland, Drakire, Dracosson, etc.

Tas Neemia

Neemian names follow basic conventions.