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Micronia is an island near Tapfer on Micras.

Origins and Etymology

Micronia has existed since the Series One maps, in which it was the easternmost extent of Jasonian territory. According to Jasonian (and later Soloralist) legend, it was a refuge for the Atlantean-like Microns, who later died out completely. Along with its sister islands of Ferien (west) and Ptia (south), it was a Soloralist holy land, and retaking them was a cause celebre for the world's Soloralists for a time.


Stuck between Tapfer and the unnamed large island/small continent to its east, the three islands of the Micronia group are Micronia (north), Ferien (west), and Ptia (south).


Micronia was first colonized by Jasonians, and later by Tapfer after the breakup of the Jasonian Empire. Later, along with the rest of Tapfer, Micronia was contested by Menelmacari and Treesians; Micronia became a rallying cry for the Menelmacari and they just barely won the right to keep the land, along with a small finger of the subcontinent east of it called Elivia. Ptia was briefly given to the Foundation after the fall of Menelmacar, but the rest of the territory (and Ptia itself, after the Foundation ceased holding lands) went to the newly rising empire of Natopia. The Natopians renamed Micronia to Punkrock, and continued holding the islands for practically forever, up until the current day.