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Slobovia was a micronation originally founded in 2000. Over the years, Slobovia fluctuated largely in size and activity, but it endured for a surprisingly long amount of time largely because of civic-minded citizens and, failing that, the sheer determination of the nation's founder to never let it die.

Slobovia went through many systems of government, but had its best and worst times as a republic. It was a republic throughout the Great Arwakung, and the republicanism was likely part of why the Arwakung succeeded (the Arwakungist republic encouraged citizen participation in all fields). But the fact that Slobovia was a republic also contributed in great part to the destruction that was wrought in the Gobbler Attacks (William Jesmer gained administrative access to Slobovia's old ezboard through the account of one of the admins, who may not have been an admin if Slobovia had not have been a republic at the time).

The nation put extremely high value into cultural pursuits. It placed extremely great pride behind the Slobovish Language, Slobovia's own conlang. It placed extremely great pride behind any valuable addition to the national culture, such as the White Slobovian, Slobovia's unofficial national drink, for example. Slobovia was very distinctive, and can be difficult to define; it may have been overlooked at times, but it could never be mistaken for anything other than itself. More…