Meckelnburgh Professional Hockey League

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Meckelnburgh Professional Hockey League
Sport Ice hockey pictogram.png Ice hockey
Founded 2021 CE
Headquarters Alexandretta
Director Dame Anne Marlow
No. of teams 20
Nation(s) Meckelnburgh Meckelnburgh
Venue(s) Alexandretta Ice Gymnasium
TV partner(s) MB-TV, TV Lunden
Sponsor(s) Ministry of Culture & Sport
Related competitions Meckelnburgh national ice hockey team
Official website hockey.mb

The Meckelnburgh Professional Hockey League (MPHL; Alexandrian: Ligue professionnelle Meckelmbourgeoise de hockey; Aspiranto: Mekelnburga Profesia Glacihokeo-Ligo) is a professional ice hockey league comprised of 20 teams in Meckelnburgh and the tier 1 league of hockey in the kingdom.


The league is split into four divisions across two conferences, with five teams each. The Lowlands and Channel Divisions belong to the Northern Conference, and the Peninsula and Mountain Divisions belong to the Southern Conference.

Each team plays 16 games a season, 8 in a round robin against its fellow division teams, 4 amongst other conference teams, and 4 amongst teams from the opposing conference. Each game, a team win points from a win, lose or draw. The top two scoring teams from each division after the regular season then enter a playoff series. Both teams from the same division compete, followed by the two victors from the conference, and then a final between winners of both conference.

The winner of the playoff series earns the Crystal Lake Cup. The best performing team of the regular season also earns the Patron's Trophy.


Northern Conference

Lowland Division

  • Gilray Killer Whales
  • Lake Crystal City Freezers
  • New Aistu Icedogs
  • St. Cloud Frostbites
  • Tuft Penguins

Channel Division

  • Boulonne Arctic Foxes
  • Fríða North Stars
  • Hellani Icebergs
  • La Rochelle Winterhawks
  • Tillamark Golden Seals

Southern Conference

Peninsula Division

  • Alexandretta Steelheads
  • Liubz Timberwolves
  • Lunden Silvertips
  • Petra Blizzards
  • Victoria Voyagers

Mountain Division

  • Casted Sharks
  • Halifax Huskies
  • New Millaro Seawolves
  • Sanktago Iceblades
  • Truckie Mountaineers