Lac Glacei in Microvision 2021

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Lac Glacei was represented at Microvision 2021 by Theatre of Tragedy, with the song "Lorelei".


Lorelei refers to the mythical Lac Glaceian/Crandish goddess of the water, a water spirit (nix) that protected the rivers and lake, and by extension represents the people of Lac Glacei who also protect and revere those same waters. The song is written in Early Modern English, similar to the writing style of the Anglo-Saxon of Lac Glacei's Crandish population.


Reactions and propaganda

  • Shireroth Shireroth: Members of the Shirerithian delegation were highly energized by the performance, and were thereafter seen performing air guitar for the remainder of the contest.
  • Floria Floria: Yeah this is decent...