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La Terre (Elw: Латер, Later /laˈtæʁ/; Mishalanese: Латерр, Laterr) is an Elwynnese bailiwick and city in northern Vattnaland (Amokolia). Located on the south-eastern shore of the Alder Bay, it is the most important port in East Amokolia. The bailiwick has a population of 1,637,276 (1680) inhabitants, of which 35% have Elw as their native language, 28% North Amokolian, 14% Norse, 12% Mishalanese, 8% Babkhi. It is as such a multicultural city, which is reflected in its culture. The official languages of the bailiwick are, however, only North Amokolian and Elw.

La Terre is famous for its role in the Amokolian War (1556–1557), during which it was besieged and suffered heavy casualties on both sides of the war. Outside the main city of La Terre, there is an Ocian War Cemetery.

Cathedral city of the Diocese of La Terre (Church of Elwynn), established in 1574.