Koldagas Basketball League

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Koldagas Basketball League
Current season or competition:
2017–18 Koldagas Basketball League
KBL logo.png
Official Logo
Sport Basketball
Founded 2017
Inaugural season 2017–18
No. of teams 12
TV partner(s) Stadiosport
Sponsor(s) Koldagas
Related competitions MBF Club World League
Level on pyramid 1

The Koldagas Basketball League, also known as the KBL, is a regional men's professional basketball league that features clubs from Kingdom of Coria, Krasnarus and Astaronia.


Competition system

Twelve teams are playing each other twice in the regular season, and top 4 making the play-offs. Play-off matches are played by "best-of-3 series" system. The winner is the one who wins the most matches in the final series.

Teams (2017–18)