Into the Beyond

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Into the Beyond A SSIBA Production
Into the beyond movie poster.png
Directed By Michael Balis
Produced By Charleen Avery
Written By Michael Balis
Starring Wilkie Van Daal
Emelia Hayden
Melinda West
Music By Allegra Van Bokhoven
Cinematography Ingrid Hardwick
Edited By Sabien Aveskamp
Production Company South Sea Islands Broadcasting Association
Distributed By South Sea Islands Broadcasting Association
Release Date 08-06-1697
Running Time 1 hour 45 minutes
Language Britannic Istvanistani
Budget 290,000 South Sea Denarii
Box Office 350,000 South Sea Denarii

Into the Beyond is a futuristic science fiction film created by the South Sea Islands Broadcasting Association.

Set on a malfunctioning space station orbiting the fictional planet of Aarde, the film follows the attempts of the all female crew to prevent the space station reentering Aarde's orbit, and breaking up in the process.

Following scathing criticism of the special effects in the SSIBA's earlier production, The Long Way Back, the film is generally deemed to be an almost satirical overreaction. Overseen by renowned Director Michael Balis, Into the Beyond features relentless CGI, special effects, and numerous improbable explosions within the vacuum of space.

Despite criticism in some circles, the film quickly became the SSIBA's first profitable feature length film.


Dispatched to the Orbiter VI space station to take part in a long term research project, the film begins by following the activities of scientists Seraphina Eve (Wilkie van Daal), Roseanne Alysia (Emelia Hayden) and Demetria Debi (Melinda West) aboard the space station. In the course of their work, Eve becomes aware of unusual activity emanating from a nearby star, but makes the discovery to late to avoid the impact of a sudden solar storm.

Following a number of implausible but visually spectacular explosions in, on and adjacent to the Orbiter, the damage to the onboard systems causes the space station to spiral progressively closer to the planet's atmosphere. The crew become aware that the space station will break up when it makes content with the atmosphere, and as such they endeavour to make an escape.

Led by van Daal's character, the trio repair a heavily damaged escape pod using a variety of mundane household items, while simultaneously dealing with explosive personal friction between Eve and Debi. Finding that the available oxygen in the escape pod will only sustain two lives, Eve volunteers to stay behind on the doomed space station.

Following an extended dialogue during which the remaining scientists talk about the events leading to their entry into the world of science while running slowly out of air, the pair are saved by the timely arrival of a rescue ship.


While the film was deemed to be flawed, with poor story writing and a scientifically implausible plot, the movie was well received by fans and many critics.