House of Alexandria-Sardinia

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Alexandrian Monarchy
House of Alexandria-Sardinia

Francis Joseph I
Merovius I
Alexander I
Thibert I
Alexander II
Clodomir I
Clovis I
Clovis II
Charibert I
Josephus I
Childbert I
Clovis III
Alexander III
Clodion I
Pharamond I
Alfred I
Grimaud I
Augustus I
Thierry I
Justinian I
Joseph I
Robert I, The Pious
Justinian II
Phillip I

The Alexandria-Sardinia Dynasty (known variously as the Franciscans or the Markionians) was a dynasty of rulers who began ruling the Kingdom of Markion and eventually became Kings of Alexandria (680). It is perhaps most noteworthy that the dynasty ressurected the idea of a unified Alexandria and that of an Emperor in Cibola. The Alexandria-Sardinia ruled the kingdom until 1159, with an 82-year interruption by the Vereneans. The dynasty's two most prominent members are Francis Joseph I, who unified Alexandria, and Joseph I, who defeated the Vereneans to regain the throne and the kingdom. The last Alexandria-Sardinian monarch, Phillip I died in 1159.

The dynasty is usually considered to have been founded by Eribertus, a military commander under the Alexandrii who fought to prevent the dissolution of the Alexandrii kingdom. King Manterio I, for his loyalty to the Kingdom, gave him the newly formed Kingdom of Markion. Throughout the existance of the Kingdom of Markion, the Alexandria-Sardinia fueled support for a reunification under their rule, even through the Alexandrian Confederation.

Eribertus' great-great grandson Francis Joseph II of Markion was the first of the family to actively and publicly support the reunification of the nation. He worked actively through the Confederation so that the Kingdom of Markion would gain a significant say in Alexandrian affairs. Despite active opposition from the successors of King Manterio I (they were know Kings of Gradlia), he was elected King of Occetia in 669 when their King died childless and the dynasty was extinguished. This event triggered a war with Gradlia and Kettle, called the Alexandrian War of Unification. Francis Joseph II conquered Kettle at the Battle of Trutlia and later was able to defeat the Gradlians at Vouillons. Francis Joseph II, became Francis Joseph I, King of the Alexandrians in 680.