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Hoso Hoenn

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Hoenn Broadcasting
Banson Pun-yan
Type Radio, terrestrial television, and Satellite television broadcaster
Country Hoenn
Availability Worldwide
Motto From everyone to everyone
(‮皆因皆迄‬, Mina yoi mina made?)
Licence area Hoenn
Headquarters Bansonu O-taku, Lilycove
Owner The Hoennese people, through the Telegraph Regulations Organ
Key people Kirishima Kida
(‮霧島木田‬) (chairwoman)
Ueda Kyutaro
(‮上田弓太郎‬) (comptroller)
Established Mutsuki 1, 655 AHC
Callsigns OnHH, where N is 2-9
Callsign meaning Hoso Hoenn
Group Consortium of Asian Public Broadcasters
Pan-Pacific Television Committee

The Royal Hoennese Broadcasting Statutory Corporation (Hoennese: ‮王立豐緣放送公社‬, translit.: Woiɂ Toyoyugai Yuis-ogui Oyageɂmie?), DBA Hoenn Broadcasting (‮放送豐緣‬, Banson Pun-yan?, though it markets itself as Hoso Hoenn in all languages), was the Hoennese state-owned broadcaster. An arm's-length body owned directly by the Hoennese people and financed via Membership Dues, day-to-day management was conducted by a Chairman or -woman, who is appointed by the Telegraph Regulations Organ — itself an arm's-length body whose members were appointed by the Queen on behalf of the Ministers of Defense (who was tasked with regulating communications) and Popular Affairs (who granted professional licenses and regulates public works projects) — and a Comptroller, who was appointed by the Minister of the Treasury.

Hoso Hoenn operated six terrestrial television services (Hoenn 2, Hoenn 3, Hoenn 4, Hoenn 6, O2, and O3), all of which were converted to MUSE Hi-Vision in 713 AHC, and four FM radio networks (Hoenn Radio 1, Hoenn Radio 2, Hoenn Radio 3, and Arc Radio).

In addition, Hoso Hoenn provided an international broadcasting service, known as Voice of Hoenn (‮豐緣聲‬, Pun-yanu Kowa?), which included two satellite television channels and a shortwave radio station.