Grand National Stadium

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Grand National Stadium
The Grand
Full name Grand National Stadium
Location Barnum City, Kingdom of Barnum
Broke ground June 3, 1469 AN
Built 1469-1493 AN
Opened June 17, 1493 AN
Surface Natural Bluegrass
Scoreboard Electric scoreboard
Construction cost 26 million Barnumian dollars
Capacity 20,000 (expandable to 24,000)
Executive suites Royal Box, Club Suites
Barnum Knights (future, Amorian Football)

Grand National Stadium is a 20,000 seat outdoor stadium in Barnum City, Kingdom of Barnum. Its location near Royal Bay offers excellent views of the water. The stadium, which is planned to be the home of the Barnum Knights Amorian Football team, is expandable to 24,000 seats for major events.