Genovian Royal Palace

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Palais de Katherine

Palais de Katherine (also known as the Genovian Royal Palace) is the official residence of King Nicholas IV of Genovia and the rest of the royal family. The palace is located in the center of the Genovian capital of Pyrus and is one of the most visited sites in the country.


The history of the residence dates back to 1794 when Queen Katherine I of Genovia ordered the construction of a military fort that was to house both her and her Royal Guard. The construction was completed in September of 1797 and the Queen moved in the following January.

In 1974, the Genovian Civil War occurred (in which a communist gorilla army attempted to unsuccessfully seize control of the country). Due to this, it was decided that the monarch's residence required an update in order to add more security to the structure. This was done by adding 100ft tall walls around the perimeter of the property. Following the upgrade, King Josephi I officially named the palace the "Palais de Katherine".