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Floria presidential election, 1695

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Presidential election, 1695
← 1683 AN
1707 AN →

538 members of the electoral college
270 electoral votes needed to win votes needed to win

  Ronald Trueman.jpg Shaun Rowland.jpg
Candidate Ronald Trueman Shaun Rowland
Party United and Imperial Party of Floria Labour Party (Floria)
Home state Las Andreas Northcliff Central
Electoral vote 278 260

President before election

Morgan Sharp
United and Imperial Party of Floria

Elected President

Ronald Trueman
United and Imperial Party of Floria


UIP Nominations


After two very successful terms of office, Morgan Sharp was ineligible to run for the 1695 election. Ronald Trueman, one of Floria's richest men and CEO of one of Micras's biggest Conglomerates, Farrar International announced his intentions in 1683 AN stating he could continue Floria's significant strides into becoming a Micrasian military superpower and improve the national economy even further. Andrew Barret, Mayor of Oldhaven also submitted his intention to run for the UIP primary but pulled out due to overwhelming support for Trueman. After the Northcliff Convention, candidates of the former Imperial Democratic Party of Floria were eligible for running for the UIP primary but both Morgan Williamson and Benjamin Benjamin pulled out of the race.

On the 4th November 2020, Andrew Barret officially withdrew due to support and funding for Trueman being insurmountable to match and shortly after Trueman was nominated by the party.


1695 ticket
Ronald Trueman Malcom White
for President for Vice President
Ronald Trueman.jpg
Malcom White.jpg
CEO of Farrar International Speaker of the Florian Senate

Labour Nominations


Two major candidates submitted their official intention for running for the Labour Party nomination, Shaun Rowland and Oliver Harrison. Two instrumental figures in the Florian agricultural industry and mayors of Coldley and Newmarsh respectively. Both politicians had two different ideologies inside the left wing with Rowland being centrist and Harrison more progressive. The primary process of the Labour party started on the 3rd of November 2020 and finished before the end of the month. After a lengthy Caucus series, Rowland emerged with 67% in favour of his campaign. After selection, Rowland selected Liberadosian-Florian Hugo Águila as his running mate.


Labour Party (Floria).png
1695 ticket
Shaun Rowland Hugo Águila
for President for Vice President
Shaun Rowland.jpg
Hugo Águila.jpg

Campaign issues



Ticket Party Home state Electorial vote
Ronald Trueman UIP Las Andreas 278
Shaun Rowland Labour Northcliff Central 260